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Approved Sprinklers for use with Foam Concentrates

Viking Pendent and Upright Foam-Water Sprinklers are non-aspirated foam discharge outlets for use in Wet, Dry, Deluge, Preaction and Refrigerated Area applications. Sprinkler applications are especially challenging for any foam due to the very low operating pressure and expansion reached. Applying foam through a sprinkler head is a very forceful application method and requires foam that can handle direct application and partial submersion into the fuel without losing its fire performance and burn-back resistance. Foams that shall be regarded as suitable for sprinkler applications shall also be able to withstand a limited time of water deluge directly onto the foam blanket without losing its burn-back properties. Viking Pendent and Upright Foam-Water Sprinklers are FM Approved and UL Listed in both closed head (with bulb) and open head (bulb removed) configurations. For use in high risk applications such as warehouses, aircraft hangers, oil and chemical loading areas, generator rooms, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical and alcohol production plants